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Could robots actually replace us?

medic robot!

medic robot!

Let me ask you a question, and then, give me your coment about that, will do mine first… of course. Fell free to write your ideas.

Could robots actually take our jobs? Could they actually replace us?

Yeah, and they already replace us in many things, like on a car industry, where the robots really do the hard work, and in others niches too…

But, i was sure that only this kind of robots could substitute us, in that kind of work… the hard mindless work.

I was wrong thou…

Recently, British scientists create a “scientist robot”.

Yeah, you didn’t read wrong. They made a scientist robot. And they will replace the laboratory’s scientists maybe in 10 or 15 years.

The robot works fine and can make 1000 research per day. The costs are high to produce this kind of robot yet, but it is just matter of time.  In the nearly future, this scientist robot will actually worth the costs.

Yeah… do we will have any job in the future that the robots won’t be able to do? I guess not.

Maybe, they should work hard to build a “political robot” first to, at least, steal the human job that really don’t do nothing at all. And the “political robots” won’t do anything to get profit to themselves, only for the good of human kind… completely the opposite that political humans (are they humans at all?) actually do… and always will… unfortunately.

So, political ROBOTS PLEASE! Maybe they could do a better politic than the human could… and let the humans (the really ones) keep their jobs!!!


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Fans will choose the name of the last scene of lost serie

The “nickname” of the last scene of lost serie will be chosen by fans!!!



According to information unique to, the producers of Lost invite viewers to suggest a nickname for the final moment of the season.

In seasons past, this scene to “drive us crazy” was called “Bagel” (Walt is abducted by the Others), “Challah” (The team of research Penny finds the island ), “The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox” (Jack is in a flash forward) and “Frozen Donkey Wheel”.

This is an attractive to fans of the serie. Just think if your nickname chosen go to the last scene!!! You would be very happy! I really would!


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Didier Stevens posted PDFid

Tuesday 31 March 2009


Filed under: Malware, My Software, PDF — Didier Stevens @ 7:08

I’ve developed a new tool to triage PDF documents, PDFiD. It helps you differentiate between PDF documents that could be malicious and those that are most likely not. I’ve kept the design very simple (it’s not a parser, but a string scanner) to be fast and to avoid exploitable bugs.

VirusTotal will included it if Julio Canto is satisfied with the tests :-) .



btw, this is a great tool that helps a lot, and will help many other people just like helped us from betterworldforus !


thanks for the post and to let us post here too,  didier!

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Congratulations Kara!!!!



They did it!!!

KARA gets the first place the first time in the ranking of MNet’s M Countdown. Music Honey finally managed to win and went to the Gee Girl’s Generation.

The girls were too excited, mainly the Goo Hara and Kang Ji Young. The girls waited 3 years for this.
Congratulations girls!

and btw, Hara is so pretty, don´t you think guys?!?

and this music Honey is a great song, nice rhythm !!! They deserved it!!!

congratulations agaiN!!!!

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Evangeline Lilly can not be in the Last season of Lost!!! She´s pregnant!!!

lilly and dominic

lilly and dominic

The actress Evangeline Lilly said that she is pregnant, 3 months and the father is, nothing more nothing less, than  Dominic Monaghan (Charlie). In one of the most crazy relationships full of comings and goings of recent times, it seems that the couple will finally seal their return with the arrival of the baby. =)

But the bomb isn´t this!!!  (which in itself is surprising). The main issue is that the actress is now wanting to focus entirely on maternity , and she is considering to leave Lost – which in 2010 will see the last season of the series, and Kate is one of the key characters of the plot, even because it is one of the Oceanic Six .

It will be a really  tragedy for all the lost´s fans!!! Kate is one of the most important and beautiful characters of lost!

Lets hope that she gives up this idea , and stays until the last season!!!

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Gerrard extends contract for another 2 years with Liverpool

gerrard renews until 2013

gerrard renews until 2013

The captain of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard, has reached an agreement to extend his contract by two years, said the English club this Friday.

The previous contract of the middlefield player would end in 2011, so with the new agreement, signed in the last hours, Gerrard will be in Liverpool until at least 2013.

The coach, Rafael Benítez, told Liverpool’s website that he is very pleased with the renewal.

“It is fantastic news for the club. Gerrard has once again its commitment and was easy to reach an agreement,” he said.

let´s hope that Gerrard renews  his hability too…


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Politicians+Market X The Crisis! All Bets Are On!

London, UK

London, UK

The politicians at the G20 summit, taking place at London, UK, debates over solutions for the hardest crisis since 1929. As usual, the unbeaten flag of “feeding the market more money” has already made the record agree of 1TN dollars recovery package.

According to Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of United Kingdom and host of the summit, “This is the day that the world came together to fight back against the global recession, not with words but with a plan for global recovery and reform and with a clear timetable.”

Surprisingly as it may see, not even the ghost of an unprecedented global recession has the power to make (some) people think. Is that really the answer? Recovering and feeding an dead system based on greed (the force whitin all corporations) and fear (the only and truly gas of the stock market), that has made over the years more victims than any natural disaster, will prevent other crisis to happen in the next 15, 20 years?

Although the global leaders have to solve as soon as possible the consequences of the crisis (wich have already reached almost every country with bankruptcy and record unemployment) , looking only to its consequences and forgetting and forgiven (again) it causes wont make a better horizon to the world’s economy.

To make the market more and more strong, and its corporations more and more powerful and free, has proved itself as the fastest and securest way to disaster, now presented on a global scale.

Now, that they are undoubtedly responses for a crisis so “bad ass” that they are also becoming victims, we decide that the right thing to do is to punish them with even more money than they have lost and made others lose.

Don’t take me the wrong way. The recovery pack is absolutely necessary, but we can´t, once the world’s safe again, forgetting all about the causes of all economic crisis over the years: the greed of the corporations and the lack of attitude of ourselves.

As Lula, Brazilian president, said, the world is now paying for the sins of the “white, blue-eyed people” and that has been true for, at least, the last 4 centuries. For how long we will be consuming and participating of this unbelievable mess without thinking?

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